Why choose a professional photographer

Photography has changed with the introduction of digital, and there are many people describing themselves as photographers making it difficult and confusing to know whether you will be hiring someone with the right level of competence and experience to fulfil your photography needs.

If the quality of the photography is important to you, and there are no second chances, firstly choose a professional photographer. The difference is their livelihood depends upon delivering consistent and excellent imagery for paying clients.  Secondly look critically at the images on the photographers website, and ask to see several examples of the type of photography that you are considering booking them for.  

A professional photographer will have backup cameras, lenses and flashes, public liability insurance to protect against losses to property and injury, and indemnity insurance for your peace of mind.  The professional photographer will also back up and protect your image data.  They will also supply finished products from the best suppliers with a guarantee that the materials and craftsmanship will endure the test of time.

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